Deep Relaxation Massage

Deep Relaxation massage combines massage therapy with yoga, to encourage vital blood and energy flow through the tissues. This style of massage restores balance and softness to the muscles, joints and soft tissues. With mindful attention to the breath, Deep Relaxation massage helps return you to your heart-centre.

The aims of Deep Relaxation massage are to decrease tension and pain, improve movement and posture, calm and ground your nervous system and help build body and breath awareness.

Deep Relaxation Massage is a Whole-Person Therapy

During this session, your physical and spiritual aspects will be gently soothed  with close attention paid to comfort, flow and breath. Deep Relaxation massage incorporates a range of clinical and energy healing techniques including Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, Tui Na, PNF stretching, trigger point  therapy and reiki.

You may receive helpful take-home poses that can assist with mobility and strength. This is a also great option for those wishing to learn more about yoga or to deepen their yoga practice.

Every session is unique, guided by your therapist’s intuitive connection with your body.

For a blissful ‘touch of spa’ add on an aroma face and/or foot treatment, or Grounding Hot Stones  to your 90min massage!

Grounding Hot Stone Massage

You can add a grounding element to your 90-minute Deep Relaxation session by choosing hot stone massage as part of your treatment. Hot stones will be incorporated into your session and may help ease tension and pain.

Aroma Face Treat

Our signature Aroma Face Treat is a delicious rejuvenating mini-spa facial that can be included as part of your 90-minute Deep Relaxation massage. The beautiful products used are handcrafted locally by Stardust Elixirs, and contain organic essential oils designed to soothe your tired face into one beaming with pure joy.

Aroma Foot Treat

Foot massageYou can add the Aroma Foot treat can be added as a part of your 90-minute Deep Relaxation massage. This simple luxury will leave your weary and hard-working feet feeling fancy-free. Again, the scrubs and balms used are designed and produced by Stardust Elixirs in the Yarra Valley. They are magicked up under the full moon (seriously, we aren’t joking)!

You may choose to add just one of these Treat-ments, or you can be wildly greedy and have them both!


  • 60 minutes  – $110
  • 90 minutes – $160

Grounding Hot Stones

Please make a note upon booking to add hot stone component.

  • Included as part of your 90 minute session – add $20

Total treatment time is 90 minutes.

Add-on Treats

Please make a note upon booking to add the following:

  • Aroma Foot Treat – add $20
  • Aroma Face Treat – add $20

Total treatment time is 90 minutes. The extra cost covers the oils, balms and scrubs used.


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