Remedial Massage

Remedial massage

When you stumble upon an excellent Remedial Massage therapist, you’ll come to appreciate that hands-on treatment of the body can be an art form.

People consult our Remedial Massage therapists for muscle pain, including lower back pain and neck pain. We treat shoulders, jaws, butts, plus feet, ankles and calves – and everything in between. Our therapists focus on relieving muscular stiffness, pain and tension. We really know our stuff with strains and sprains.

We work in a holistic way, which means that we take a whole body approach in our assessment and treatment. We look for postural imbalances and changes in weight-bearing from side-to-side and front-to-back and top-to-bottom that may indicate that your body is out of alignment. This means that we can work more deeply to address the cause of your discomfort in a session as well as the pain itself.

Deep Flow Remedial Massage

Our Remedial Massage therapists weave together a multitude of different approaches individual to each client aimed at addressing the particular condition and preferences of the person. Sessions may include any combination of deep tissue massage, Swedish massage, trigger point therapy, myofascial release, cupping and needling, plus heat therapy.

Having regular Remedial Massage can be of incredible benefit to the overall function of your body and has been shown to be effective in reducing pain, increasing mobility and lowering anxiety. A single session, too, can do wonders.

Holistic Remedial Massage

Holistic Remedial Massage is a soulful massage integrating deep tissue oil massage with any combination of aromatherapy, heat therapy, cupping, needling, sound therapy and Reiki to bring you into your body, decrease tension and discomfort and calm your nervous system.

This style of bodywork is aimed at lifting the physical and spiritual condition of the whole person. If you practise breathwork, meditation or other modalities to enter deeper or altered states of consciousness, Holistic Remedial Massage is a wonderful way to integrate and ground those experiences.

Each of our Remedial Massage therapists is tertiary-trained and has hundreds (and some, thousands) of hours’ experience developing and fine-tuning their touch. Your senses will be exquisitely treated on our table and you will tell all your friends, we guarantee it!


NDIS Remedial Massage covered under your NDIS plan

You are able to treat yourself to a massage at The Urban Alchemist using your NDIS funding for massage appointments including remedial, grief, sports, prenatal, Ayurvedic, reflexology and more. Both self-managed or plan-managed NDIS participants are eligible under your NDIS plan. You can also access other therapies under your NDIS package so please ask at our reception for further information on using your NDIS funding.

Remedial Massage in Northcote, Fitzroy and Brunswick

Offering Remedial Massage services to clients from Northcote, Fitzroy and Collingwood plus many surrounding areas, including, Brunswick, Brunswick East and Clifton Hill. Our practitioners are that good, clients travel from all over Victoria and sometimes interstate to visit our beautiful clinic and look forward until their next chance to return!




  • 90 minutes ~ $170 – $180
  • 60 minutes ~ $120 – $130

Claim your treatment through HicapsHicaps private health insurance claiming may be available on your treatment. We recommend you contact your health fund to confirm your eligibility to claim.

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