Prenatal Massage

Prenatal Bodywork during COVID Lockdown Stage 4:

* Please note * These sessions are accessible for you if you are in pain, or if your function or ability to care for yourself or for others is impacted negatively if you do not receive treatment. Please weigh this in your mind. If you fit this description, please DO book yourself in for a session. You are allowed to seek treatment for these reasons, even if it’s more than 5km from your home. Please care for yourself, you are loved.

Hey, Mumma. Yeah, we know your back is sore and your joints are tired. We know you can’t access remedial massage which can be so relieving for you, and beneficial for both your body and state of mind.

Don’t despair. Our chiropractor, Tracy, who is a nurturing little soul mama (and real-life mama) herself – has got the goods. This isn’t the thing she usually does, but unusual times call for unusual measures.

This session will combine gentle chiropractic techniques with traditional soft tissue work that’s so helpful and restorative during pregnancy.



The information that follows is our usual Prenatal Massage page info. It’s important stuff for you to know and applies to much of the balancing and soft tissue work we will be covering in your Prenatal Chiropractic Bodywork session. Please feel free to read it. Please also note that Face Treats and Foot Treats are a luxury that we don’t have at this end of 2020. Soz.   :…(

Not only is Prenatal Massage a delightful gift for the baby shower, but it’s also vitally important for the health and wellbeing of any mum-to-be.

Prenatal massage can help to restore the balance of your joints, muscles and other soft tissues during this profound time of change. It can also offer grounding and soothing of emotional challenges that often arise during pregnancy.

Studies indicate that Prenatal massage therapy performed during pregnancy can reduce anxiety and decrease symptoms of depression. Prenatal massage has also been linked to favourable labor outcomes and newborn health.

During a Prenatal massage session, your therapist will work to relieve muscle aches and joint pains. She will work with you to find comfortable positioning for your whole body throughout the session. Options for this massage may be on a table, with pregnancy cushions, on the floor, or on your side.

Yoga therapy may be included as part of your Prenatal massage for those who wish to benefit from take-home poses for strengthening and improved mobility. This is also a great option to deepen your existing yoga practice.

For a blissful ‘touch of spa’ add an aroma face and/or foot treat to your 90min massage!

Aroma Face Treat

Our signature Aroma Face Treat is a delicious rejuvenating mini-spa facial that can be included as part of your 90-minute Prenatal massage. The beautiful products used are handcrafted locally by Stardust Elixirs, and contain organic essential oils designed to soothe your tired face into one beaming with pure joy.

Aroma Foot Treat

Foot massageThe Aroma Foot treat can be added to your 90-minute Prenatal massage. This simple luxury will leave your weary and hard-working feet feeling fancy-free. Again, the scrubs and balms used are designed and produced by Stardust Elixirs in the Yarra Valley. They are magicked up under the full moon (seriously, we aren’t joking)!

You may choose to add just one of these Treat-ments, or you can be wildly greedy and have them both!



  • 60 minutes  – $110
  • 90 minutes – $160

Add-on Treats

Please make a note upon booking to add the following:

  • Aroma Foot Treat – add $20
  • Aroma Face Treat – add $20

Note that the total treatment time is still 90 minutes. The extra cost covers the oils, balms and scrubs used.

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