How We Growth-Proof Ourselves

Slowing growth
Photo by David Tapia San Martin

Growth can be hard!

We made a video to explain why the humans like to remain stuck. Silly humans.

Here’s just three reasons we try to avoid and restrict our own growth:

  1. Moving away from loved ones, for example of they are stuck in patterns of co-dependence, victimhood or substance abuse
  2. Uncertainty as to what lies ahead, on the ‘other side’ of the growth, being uncomfortable with facing change
  3. Fear of really rising to become all that you can become and fulfilling your potential in the world

How do we ‘Growth-Proof’ ourselves, keeping ourselves small and slowing movement and change? Distractions!

  • Substance abuse – alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, prescription medication, recreational drugs, keeps you unclear so that you cannot move forward
  • Misusing food – Sugar, coffee, junk foods that keep your head fuzzy and your body fatigued so that you cannot concentrate or function well. Poor diet can lead to lack of clarity in your brain and life
  • TV – wastes your time
  • Overworking – is a convenient excuse to not consider what you could be doing with your life for you!
  • Over-helping others – avoids focus on your own life and facing your own problems and potential
  • Creating drama in your life – feuding, victimhood, blaming, anger keeps the focus off you
  • Toxic relationships – gives you a focus that isn’t you

If one (or many!) of these distractions above are ringing bells for you, perhaps you’re keeping yourself stuck? When we have a thing we haven’t been ready to face, it’s easy to stay in this place of distraction for years. Some folks stay in it their whole lives.

If you’d like to learn some ways tricks to get growth kickstarted in your life, check out our video here, or read our blog.