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4 Reasons Why Bowen Therapy and Naturopathy are Besties

By Fiona Budini, Myotherapist and Bowen Therapist Bowen Therapy and Naturopathy. The perfect partnership. A match made in heaven! They work so well together in fact, that a lot of Naturopaths ALSO do Bowen. In some Naturopathy schools Bowen is even an elective! So why is it these two magical modalities work so well together? …

Four Herbs Naturopaths May Prescribe for Anxiety

By Tara Brooks, Naturopath Anxiety does not only affect the brain with repetitive thoughts and excessive thinking, but it also affects the whole body. The sympathetic nervous system or what is more commonly know as the ‘flight or fight’ state increases the heart rate, reduces digestion and increases adrenalin, as well as numerous other physiological …

Burn Your Ships

By Tee Kopp, Chiropractor Did you know that when Hernan Cortes – a murderous Spaniard of epic proportions – arrived in Latin America in 1519 with the intention of conquering the Aztec Empire, he instructed his men to burn their ships, leaving them stranded in Mexico? Cortes did this to ensure that his men had …