Lovely staff, amazing service... Beautiful Molly the dog sometimes greets you at reception with her big, bright eyes and calm and peaceful quiet nature.
I was carrying around chronic pain that I thought I would never get rid of. I’m managing to stay pain-free through the week now and I’m over the moon!
I am amazed and awe struck at how massages can be deeply intuitive, powerful and effective.
- S.A.
I felt safe, heard, validated and a little less alone.
Truly the best therapeutic and deep relaxation massage I have had. Highly recommended!
Fantastic practitioners. Gorgeous rooms. Owned & operated by a locally-living Goddess of sorts. This place is a real wellness centre!
Everyone who works here is full of knowledge and I love the happy vibes.
Hands down the best massage I’ve ever had. Have already booked in for my next one.

Flow States: Unlocking Altered Consciousness and Inner Potential

flow stateIn the realm of personal growth and spiritual exploration, the concept of ‘flow state’ has gained significant attention. Flow states, also known as being “in the zone,” refer to those moments when we are fully immersed in an activity, feeling a sense of effortless focus and heightened awareness.

These states of consciousness have been recognized for their transformative potential, providing a gateway to expanded creativity, optimal performance, and deep inner fulfilment.

But what are the actual benefits of entering a flow state, and how can we achieve it?

What is Flow State?

Flow state is a state of optimal experience where we are fully absorbed in the present moment and engaged in an activity. Coined by psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, flow state is characterized by a sense of effortless action, complete focus, and a loss of self-consciousness.

During flow, time seems to fly by, and there is a deep sense of fulfilment and enjoyment in the process of whatever is occurring.

Flow state is often associated with activities that challenge our skills and provide a perfect balance between learning and our current abilities. It can occur in various domains, including sports, creative pursuits, work, or even during moments of deep connection and contemplation.

There are other ways of achieving flow state, too, through intentional practices such as meditation and altered states of consciousness, like those induced by ayahuasca.

Flow states have been experienced by artists, athletes, musicians, writers, and individuals from all walks of life both intentionally and unintentionally.

What Does Flow State Help With?

Flow state offers numerous benefits that contribute to personal growth, creativity, and overall well-being. Here are some areas where flow state can make a profound impact:

1.     Enhanced Performance: When in a flow state, our cognitive abilities, focus, and productivity are heightened. We can tap into our full potential, leading to enhanced performance in various domains. Athletes often experience flow during peak performances, where their actions become effortless and instinctual.

2.     Increased Creativity: Flow state is a fertile ground for creativity. In this state, our minds are open, receptive, and deeply attuned to the present moment. Ideas flow effortlessly, and we can access novel insights, innovative solutions, and unique perspectives.

3.     Deep Sense of Fulfilment: Flow state provides a deep sense of fulfilment and satisfaction. Immersed in the present moment, we experience a harmonious alignment between our actions, skills, and the challenges at hand. This sense of fulfilment and purpose fuels our motivation and drive.

4.     Improved Well-being: Flow states are associated with positive emotions, reduced stress, and an increased sense of well-being. When we are fully engaged in a meaningful activity, our worries and self-doubts fade away, allowing us to experience a state of inner peace and contentment.

How Can I Achieve Flow State?

While flow states may seem elusive, there are various practices and strategies you can incorporate into your life to increase the likelihood of experiencing them. Here are some effective approaches:

1.     Mindfulness and Meditation: Cultivating mindfulness through practices like meditation can help develop the ability to be fully present and aware. By training the mind to focus and let go of distractions, you create a fertile ground for entering flow states. Regular meditation practice enhances your capacity to sustain attention, increase self-awareness, and embrace the present moment. Through meditation, you can cultivate a calm and focused mind, which is conducive to experiencing flow. Additionally, mindfulness meditation can enhance your ability to notice and appreciate the subtle nuances of your activities, fostering a deeper sense of immersion.

2.     Set Clear Goals: Clearly defining your goals and objectives before engaging in an activity is essential for entering a flow state. By having a clear direction, you can channel your focus and energy towards a specific outcome. Clarifying your intentions allows you to align your actions with a purpose, facilitating the flow state. Break down larger goals into smaller, manageable tasks, and create a step-by-step plan to guide your progress. This way, you can maintain a sense of challenge without feeling overwhelmed, increasing the likelihood of flow.

3.     Find Your Flow Activities: Identify activities that naturally evoke a sense of joy, passion, and engagement within you. These activities can be anything from painting, playing a musical instrument, dancing, writing, gardening, or engaging in sports. Experiment with different activities and pay attention to those that effortlessly draw you in and make you lose track of time. These are often the domains where flow states are more easily attainable. Cultivate a regular practice in these activities to enhance your skill level and familiarity, which can facilitate the flow state.

4.     Explore Altered States of Consciousness: In recent years, there has been growing interest in exploring altered states of consciousness, including the use of psychedelics such as psilocybin and ayahuasca. Ayahuasca, a traditional Amazonian plant medicine, has been used for centuries as a tool for spiritual exploration and personal growth. It is believed to induce profound shifts in consciousness, leading to heightened awareness, deep introspection, and expanded states of perception. Some individuals have reported experiencing flow states during ayahuasca ceremonies, where they feel deeply connected to their inner selves and the surrounding environment. However, it’s important to approach psychedelics with caution and respect, seeking guidance from experienced facilitators and integrating the experiences responsibly.

5.     Cultivate a Positive Mindset: Flow states are more likely to occur when you approach activities with a positive and open mindset. Embrace a growth-oriented perspective, where challenges are seen as opportunities for growth and learning. Let go of self-doubt and negative self-talk, as they can hinder your ability to enter flow. Cultivating self-compassion and nurturing a belief in your own capabilities can create an empowering foundation for flow experiences.

6.     Practice Deep Immersion: To enter a flow state, it is crucial to immerse yourself fully in the activity at hand. Minimise distractions, create a conducive environment, and remove any external disturbances. Set aside dedicated time for your flow activities, allowing yourself to enter a state of deep focus and concentration. Engage all your senses in the present moment and let go of any judgments or expectations. By immersing yourself wholeheartedly, you create the conditions for flow to emerge.

Remember, flow states are highly individual experiences, and what works for one person may differ for another. Experiment with different approaches and find a combination of practices that resonates with you. Embrace the journey of self-discovery and allow yourself to surrender to your own magic!