Learn To F*ck With Feeling With Kristian Stephan-Martin

By Kristian Stephan-Martin, Men’s Relationship & Embodiment Coach

My belief is that ALL men are naturally capable of creating incredible connections with women, but most men are out of touch with their nature. My work, then, is much more about helping men heal and dissolve the layers they’ve built up around them rather than giving them ‘how to’ advice. After this clearing of the layers, he can embody and cultivate more of what he wants within himself, eg. greater confidence, to be more grounded, to embrace and awaken his sexuality, to understand how to create safety for his woman, to be more playful and spontaneous, or greater clarity on who he is.

Men don’t need more strategy and instruction, because when they’ve returned to their true nature, their heart is open, their sex is awakened, and their mind is present. From this place, a man can effortlessly and authentically create the types of mutually great connections with women that he (and she) desires because it’s coming from an embodied place within.

Here’s what you’ll learn in my 3-day Facebook group event…

Day 1 – The 4 things you need for an incredible connection with a woman that’s mutual and great for you both (no matter if you’re having casual sex, dating, in a relationship, married, or open relating)

Day 2 – Understanding how and why women see and respond to you the way they do

Day 3 – The inner work you personally need to do in order to have more of the connections you want with women (whether that’s more depth, compatibility, chemistry, polarity, dates, love, intimacy, fun and play)

A lot of men have taken massive value from this group about how they can personally create the closeness they want with women, and how to be better lovers, leaders and partners – all within only 3 days!

If you identify as a man, I strongly encourage you to get on it. If you identify as something else, invite some men that you know!

Are you ready to open your heart to connection? Join my exclusive Facebook group here.

I hope to see you there!