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Managing Long Covid Symptoms Through Traditional Chinese Medicine with Dr. Zoe Yang

Acupuncture treatment“Long Covid” is becoming increasingly acknowledged worldwide. Whether you’ve had mild symptoms from the virus or were bedridden for days, Covid undeniably weakens the body in different ways. Sometimes, it produces long-lasting symptoms that can go on for weeks and sometimes months.


Unfortunately, from a Western medical perspective, there is not yet a real solution for these symptoms and no explanation for the cause of long Covid.

The Difference With Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine, though, uses different diagnostic tools. Its history spans thousands of years and the system itself holds wisdom in treating pandemic-related conditions. This means we are able to see the patterns in symptoms between individuals and consider the root cause as to why – for this person – the illness is causing such prolonged effects in the body, where in this person it is not.


From a TCM perspective, the Covid virus is considered to act differently to the common cold and flu virus. In Chinese medicine, we see the common cold and flu viruses as travelling slowly, which allows us to expel these pathogens at the early stages of the infection. On the other hand, we view the Covid virus as travelling fast. It also is seen to attack our organs directly, making it incredibly difficult to expel.


Long Covid occurs because the virus tends to latch onto our digestive system or the lungs, instead of being expelled naturally. In Chinese Medicine, we see that this often manifests as chronic fatigue, shortness of breath, chronic cough, muscle fatigue and insomnia.


There is a growing body of evidence that supports the use of acupuncture to help to reduce long Covid symptoms in the body while helping to boost the functions of the immune system and gut to relieve symptoms.

Treating Long Covid with Traditional Chinese Medicine

To help make things a bit clearer, we’ve listed 3 common symptoms of long Covid and how TCM can assist with them below:

Chronic Fatigue


–       Lethargy

–       Brain fog

–       Unable to concentrate

–       Muscle fatigue and weakness

–       Bloating

–       Diarrhea

–       Headache


From a Chinese Medicine perspective:

–       Digestive organs are affected by the virus and food is not transformed into energy or useful nutrients.


What can we do to improve these symptoms:

–       Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine that is aimed at releasing the residual virus, strengthening the gut and improving absorption.

–       Avoid foods that are difficult to digest and have more warm foods that protect the gut, such as soups and vegetables.


Shortness of breath


–       Dry cough

–       Dry throat

–       Wheezing

–       Chest tightness


From a Chinese Medicine perspective:

–       Lung function is compromised with lots of dryness.

What can we do to improve these symptoms:

–       Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine that is aimed at releasing the residual virus, opening the lungs and expanding the chest.

–       Increasing the intake of food high in water content aimed at nourishing the lungs, such as pear.





–       Broken sleep

–       Difficulties falling asleep

–       Irregular heartbeat

–       Heart palpitation

–       Dizziness

–       Night sweating

From a Chinese Medicine perspective:

–       Blood deficiency due to the Heart and Spleen functions being compromised.


What can we do to improve these symptoms:

–       Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine that is aimed at calming the nervous system, nourishing the Heart and Spleen.

–       Increasing intake of red-spectrum coloured foods, such as dates and carrots.



There are many different combinations of long Covid symptoms that may be experienced. Likewise, there is never a one-size-fits-all solution in TCM, as we adopt a holistic approach. We take into consideration the individual’s body constitution, plus all symptoms, signs and lifestyle factors to tailor treatments best suited for that individual.


It’s still too early for any clinical trials to be reviewed, however here’s a Multicentre observational study that demonstrates the potential Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine may have in alleviating long COVID symptoms.

Zhong, L.LD., Wong, YP., Leung, CY. et al. Effects of Chinese medicine for COVID-19 rehabilitation: a multicenter observational study. Chin Med 17, 99 (2022).

Dr Zoe Zhanshu Yang, Chinese Herbal Medicine Practitioner & Acupuncturist