Importance of Sleep and The Ideal Sleep Position

Sleep is one the most important things we do in our day.  It’s the time when our bodies relax, recover, repair and grow.

During sleep, our bodies have space and time to replenish our cells and repair the damage that we have done throughout the day.  Getting enough quality sleep is essential to a healthy life.

Ideal sleeping positions can be different for each person. Two great sleeping positions are:

  • Flat on your back with a small pillow.
  • Another is lying on your side with a thicker pillow about the same width from the outside of your shoulder to you ear with another pillow between your knees to help keep your pelvis straight.

If you have questions about your sleeping position, or if you are waking up sore or fatigued, please ask your Chiropractor, Myotherapist or other bodywork professional for advice.

Blog by Dr Emily Harragon