How the Brain Controls Cell Replication and In Turn the Health of Our Cells and Organs

Isn’t it amazing that whilst in the womb the foetus knows how to make the lung cells different to the heart cells and the heart cells different to the liver cells? How is it that no lung cells end up in the liver and no liver cells end up in the heart?

How does the foetus know how to do that?

This intelligence comes from an inborn ‘knowing’ that is sparked from the moment of conception. This intelligence knows exactly where to make our cells and how many of them to make, and it knows when to stop and start growing.

The intelligence that each of us has before we are even born is carried with us all our life.  It’s what keeps our heart pumping and our stomach digesting.  It’s called many different names by cultures around the world. It’s known as our soul or our spark; in Chinese Medicine it’s known as Qi (or ‘chi’); in chiropractic terms we call it INNATE INTELLIGENCE. Our innate intelligence carries out all of its actions via our brain and nervous system.

You can imagine that through the day-to-day stresses of life – whether they be physical, emotional or chemical – the health of our musculoskeletal system including the spinal joints can be impacted. Inflammation can cause the muscles and joints to move incorrectly.  These incorrectly-moving spinal segments are what we call SUBLUXATIONS. When areas of the spine are moving incorrectly, this can impact many functions. For example, when your innate intelligence is trying to send messages via the spinal cord down to your cells to regenerate in a specific way, subluxations can prevent messages from being received and expressed.

This will result in less than perfect function. This is where chiropractic can help your body perform to the best of its ability by restoring areas of the spine to proper motion to allow for the innate intelligence of your body to cleverly bring every aspect of you to life, from cell regeneration to digestion.

Blog by Dr Emily Harragon