What is Havening?

Havening photo

Havening is a psychotherapeutic approach to help release trauma, stuck emotion, nervousness or distressing memories from your system.

The aim in Havening is to move the memory to a place where it’s no longer there or no longer emotional.  Instead, it will feel like a distant thing in the past, fuzzy, blurry or further away. In this way, clients feel detached, safe, calmer, more in control and happier. The distress about that memory, experience or feeling is no longer felt as the biological structure of the brain has been permanently altered.

Havening uses powerful tools that can address the consequences of traumatic or stressful events and their memories.

Havening is believed to alter the biological structure of the brain. Based on the science of brain chemistry, it is possible to alter encoded traumatic memories, anxiety or fears that are troubling. This is done by altering brain chemistry and the speed of the brain waves using psychosensory therapies.  Sensory input is used to alter thought, mood and behaviour around the traumatic event or memory. Psychological trauma and stress-related disorders are being treated using this method.

Havening sessions remove or dissolve traumas held in the brain and rebuild a nervous system that’s stronger, optimistic and confident with a more hopeful future.

Our Holistic Self-Development Team and Psychology Team use Havening in their practice to achieve significant change for their clients.

By Dean Hilton, Psychotherapist